Autores: John Poneros

With consultation of Dr. Charles J. Lightdale, Consulting Editor, Dr. Poneros has created created a state-of-the-art look at endoscopy for pancreatic disease. Top authors have contributed clinical reviews in the following areas: Acute Pancreatitis: Evidence Based Management Decisions ; Endoscopic Cyst Gastrostomy; ERCP for Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis ; Autoimmune Pancreatitis; Total Pancreatectomy with Autologous Islet Cell Transplantation; Pancreatic Insufficiency: What is the Gold Standard?; Current Guideline Controversies in the Management of Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasms; How to Manage Incidentally Found Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors; Update in Celiac Block; The Use of Biomarkers in Risk Stratification of Cystic Neoplasms; Interventional EUS in the Pancreas; How to Avoid Post-ERCP Pancreatitis; and The Role of Genetic in Pancreatitis. Readers will come away with the clinical information they need to utilize endoscopic procedures in the treatment and management of pancreatic disease.

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