From a renowned specialist at the Cleveland Clinic and medical and surgical experts in this growing field comes an up-to-date, multidisciplinary resource on transgender health care and surgery. Comprehensive Care of the Transgender Patient, by Dr. Cecile Ferrando, covers all aspects of transgender health care, beginning with epidemiology and history and progressing to an in-depth review of the complex transition for patients, including mental health services, endocrine and hormone therapy treatment, and surgical options.

Key Features
Incorporates all of the latest guidelines for providers and patients, written by experts from a wide variety of disciplines involved in transgender patient care.
Contains outstanding surgical chapters contributed by prominent surgeons who regularly perform these procedures, providing clear guidance..{seguir leyendo}

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1. Introduction to Transgender Medicine

2. Mental Health Care for the Adult Transgender Patient

3. Mental Health Care for the Child and Adolescent Transgender Patient

4. Disorders of Sex Development and Intersex Patients

5. Hormone Treatment for the Adult Transgender Patient

6. Hormone Treatment for the Adolescent Transgender Patient

7. Overview of Surgery for Transgender Patients

8. Facial Surgery for Transgender Patients

9. Breast and Chest Surgery for Transgender Patients

10. Genital Confirmation Surgery for Patients Assigned Male at Birth

11. Genital Confirmation Surgery for Patients Assigned Female at Birth

12. Primary and Preventative Care for Transgender Patients

13. Gynecologic Care for Transgender Patients

14. Hysterectomy for the Transgender Man